Nigerian Shippers Council || N.S.C


Handling and Resolution of Complaints

The Council’s interventions led to compensations, refunds, discounts, waivers, and payments to the various complainants in varying amounts through amicable resolutions of complaints between parties.

The Council handled 1,123 Complaints successfully between 2015 – 2020 and recovered a total sum of N759,054,533.45, $1,136,790.85 and €3,274.00 for the Shippers.

In 202I, the Council recovered the sum of N2,501,773,710.89, $14,880.00 and AED 89,175.00 while in 2022, the sum of N203, 546, 709.88 and $17, 353.27 was saved for Shippers.

These complaints covered the following:

  • Arbitrary Charges
  • Container Deposit Refund
  • Damage Claims
  • Debt/ Demurrage recovery for shipping companies
  • Import Fraud
  • Export Fraud
  • Royalty Charges
  • Demurrage Charges
  • Damaged Container Disputes
  • Bonded Terminals Extortion
  • Transfer Charges
  • Theft/Pilferage

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