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NSC Brokers truce between Maersk Nig LTD and De Shipntaur Global Consign Ltd, Directs Consignee to settle outstanding fees

The Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC) has intervened in a business dispute between Maersk Nigeria Limited and De Sphintaur Global Consign Limited over a complaint letter titled ‘Complaint against Maersk Nigeria Limited for illegal and unwarranted with-holding of a container TCNC 24744938 belonging to Alhaji Yusuf Danladi’.

The Complaints Unit of the Council headed by Deputy Director, Daniel Orume summoned all parties involved for a tripartite meeting with the aim of resolving the issue in line with the established industry standard.

After an extensive analysis of the case, the Council was made to understand that Maersk Nigeria Limited erroneously released a cargo ordered by Alhaji Usman Dantata of Hot pack Packaging Industries Nigeria Limited through its agent, De Sphintaur Global Con-sign Limited which Alhaji Yusuf Danladi represents.

Both parties involved admitted to this error and promised an amicable resolution of the issue which would require Alhaji Dantata to pay the sum of over 30,000 US Dollars to the shipping company. However, after several months of efforts made by Maersk Nigeria Limited to get either the agent or Alhaji Usman Dantata reach a payment plan that would be acceptable to the shipper, it decided to place on lien, a container belonging to the De Sphintaur Global Consign Limited so as to compel them clear their outstanding fee.

After a careful examination of the case, the meeting resolved that the agent, De Sphintaur Global Consign Limited should pay to the shippers the outstanding fee of over 30,000 US Dollars in an instalment of 5,000 Dollars per month until the total sum is completely cleared. On the issue of accumulated demurrage on the container that is placed on lien, Council appealed to Maersk Nigeria Limited to consider waving the demurrage due to the present economic reality.

The parties at the mediation meeting were grateful to the Council over the successful intervention. Alh. Yusuf Danladi, Managing Director of De Sphintaur Global Concept assured the Council that he would pay the outstanding fee in instalments, then find a way of recovering his money from Alh. Dantata. He thanked the Council for their swift intervention in resolving the matter.


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