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Shippers’ Council Resolves Dispute, Facilitates Release of Valuable Cargo Worth N36 Million

Following the amicable resolution of dispute at the Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC)’s headquarters on Tuesday, 7th November, 2023, cargoes worth 36 million Naira have been released. Thanks to the mediatory role played by the Complaints Unit of Nigerian Shippers’ Council.

The cargo, owned by Intusar Multi-Global Concept, had been withheld due to a misunderstanding between Hull Blyth Nigeria Limited and Throne Boss Agency. Mr. Ahmad Sani, the consignee reported that Hull Blyth Nigeria Limited had refused to release the consignment due to a criminal act committed by Throne Boss Agency. Importantly, Sani emphasized that Intusar Multi-Global Concept has no involvement in the crime.

According to Mr. Daniel Orume, Deputy Director, Complaints Unit of the Council and Chairman of the Mediation, it was inappropriate for Hull Blyth to place a lien on cargo belonging to Intusar Multi-Global Concept, considering it was an innocent third party in the case. He requested that Hull Blyth Nigeria Limited release the consignment immediately while the Complaints Unit initiates an investigation into the allegations against Throne Boss Agency.

Mr. Joel Bagai, representative of Hull Blyth Nigeria Limited, gave assurances that the cargo will be released immediately. Chibuzo Ogamba, MD, Throne Boss agency apologized to the consignee and Hull Blyth Nigeria Ltd for the inconveniences. He pledged full cooperation with the Complaints Unit’s investigation.

As parties in the mediation reached a resolution, Mr. Daniel Orume revealed NSC’s plans to automate port operations. He encouraged shipping lines to register with the Council, emphasizing that this would signify their eligibility to transact business within the port, ultimately contributing to a more secure and efficient system.

Stakeholders involved in the dispute commended NSC for its proactive approach to conflict resolution and expressed their faith in the Council’s commitment to maintaining impartiality and facilitating efficient port operations. They commended the Complaints Unit and urged the NSC to continue its valuable work in the sector.

The resolution of the dispute demonstrated NSC’s commitment to ensuring a fair and level playing field for all players in the maritime sector.


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