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Shippers’ Council Want Container Built in Nigeria

Vanguard Maritime Report February 5, 2020 Page 3

The Nigeria Shippers Council (NSC), has called for the building of containers in the Country as part of measure to expand Nigeria’s maritime sector.

This is even as the Council expressed discontentment with the use of expired containers for shipment of goods to Nigeria.

Making this call in Lagos, The Executive Secretary/Chief Executive Officer of the Council Mr. Hassan Bello, said that the building of containers in the Country would help to expand the scope of maritime and further grow the nation’s economy.

On Container Deposits (CD), paid to shipping lines by importers and their agents, Bello lamented that the money was not returned to them most of the time, especially with the present state of congestion.

He noted that it is imperative that insurance firms should step in to handle the aspect of the cargo clearing business involving return of containers to shipping firms so as to stop CDs and free the fund for the shipper.

In his words, “when containers come in, they are transferred without insurance and this is the income that could have been generated by the insurance companies and should free the shippers from paying that fee.”

“we believe that insurance companies should step in to absorb the risk and it will be better for the nation’s economy”


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